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Genius Laser System

Less pain, more efficient.


No bleeding, no postoperative pain

Genius training courses

A hands-on certifying program

Happier Patients

Faster treatment, faster healing

The right tools

Patented water/air spraycooling system provides speed, visibility and comfort

Genius Laser System

The Genius Laser System provides dentists with an easy approach to treat periodontal disease without pain, without bleeding and much faster than conventional treatment.
Using Genius in the dental clinic makes life much easier not only for hygienists and dentists, but also for all patients.

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GENIUS 手术是基于以下情况进行的

  • 无麻醉
  • 术中无出血
  • 清晰的可视性
  • 无需缝合及牙周塞治
  • 临床调查报告
  • 快速的手术
  • 简单的单牙外科手术
  • 更高的患者满意度
  • 更高的手术接受度

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