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Genius Treatments


Patients — Genius Treatments

What can be treated with Genius Laser?
Dentists use Genius Lasers for a number of treatments where traditional methods would cause their patients’ pain.
Patients treated using Genius Laser do not need anaesthetics, as there is no pain, no bleeding, no wound and no need for stitches. In addition, patients can benefit in that the danger of infection is removed and postoperative pain is minimal.
With the Genius Laser you can eat normally on the same day and there is no need at all for the patient to fear being treated for periodontitis.

Treatments that are easily carried out with Genius Laser:

  • Cleaning gaps (pockets) between teeth and gums.
  • Surgical treatment of advanced periodontitis .
  • Hypersensitive teeth and tender necks of teeth.
  • Patients who are very sensitive and therefore afraid of periodontal treatment.
Are there any side effects using the Genius Laser?
There are no side effects when you are treated with the Genius Laser.

Has Genius Laser treatment been clinically tested?
Professor Thorkild Karring of The Royal Dental College in Denmark has carried out treatment with the Genius Laser for two years, and he recognizes the many obvious advantages of using the Genius Laser.