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Patients — Genius Laser

What is a laser?
A laser is a precise, concentrated beam of light. It has many industrial uses today, amongt which is precision cutting. Within the healthcare sector, various types of lasers have been employed, for instance in eye surgery and to remove tattoos. Recent developments have made it possible to use the laser in the treatment of periodontitis.

How does the Genius Laser work?

First and foremost, the Genius Laser cuts by evaporating the tissue. In the process it also removes bacteria. The Genius Laser also acts on individual cells via a photochemical process. In addition it has a coagulating action, which prevents bleeding.
Genius Laser acts on the individual cells and stimulates them. This means that the laser treatment can be mainly painless. Any pain that is experienced afterwards is minimal and healing is far quicker than the traditional treatment of using a curette or a scalpel.